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If you never considered equality’s importance and feel a grind of annoyance when people say, “Black Lives Matter” or watching Asians protest on TV, then please proceed no further. A sudden sense of rational thought might induce hysteria when realizing your self-righteous claim “all lives matter” is based on a ridiculous assumption of all the Blacks and Asians banding together to offend you. Worse yet, death could occur in the sudden reversal of mindless logic that deduces “Black and Asian Lives Mattering” means “my life not mattering.” Please read no further.

If you think in terms of “right” and “wrong”…

Vincent Triola: Author Bio #1

Bio Attempt #1, 2, 3, 4

Author Note: Surrender to the trope of the sincere, moving author bio produced this reader-introduction wreck. Asked by an editor to write a bio incited a struggle to fit the bio to the writer motif of the publication, resulting in a catastrophe of mediocrity. The stench of derivative overwhelmed me, causing the bio’s removal and exit from the publication. The call of honesty prohibited the bio’s burial in a folder to pretend the sin never occurred and thinking a lesson might spring from nausea, that now makes reading impossible, the bio reposted here. Having…

Vincent Triola: Another Author Bio #2

All My Bio Attempts #1, 2, 3, 4


Writing a novel at age eighteen did little to affirm the correctness of the authorship pursuit. Rejected by many publishers, the manuscript sat in a box collecting dust but eventually transcribed to the computer in a vague hope of one day becoming published. With no shelf adorned with published books or literary awards, I possess only a claim to be a writer and an enormous library of term papers written across more than a decade. These papers are disturbing, spurring a strong desire to divorce them as they represent the worst of…

Vincent Triola: The Last Author Bio #3

Bio Attempt #1, 2, 3, 4

Loathing writers overshadows many mundane writing tasks such as this bio. Much effort exerted trying to write an author bio, feeling a professional obligation to perform this chore. A chore this is because writing an honest, fact-filled bio violates the author-reader relationship, epitomizing terrible writing as it tries to qualify and authenticate me to satisfy you, demeaning us. For you are too stupid to discern me from my writing, and I am too stupid to realize your deductive skill.

The task of bio writing led to multiple failed attempts, which I published to show…

For sure, this is the last author bio.

Read all of Vinnie LXIX’s author bios.


Vinnie LXIX classically trained for pornographic acting at the Conservatory Of Copulation Knowledge, giving rise (no pun intended) to a skilled player (again, no pun intended) on par with Shakespearean counterparts. A method actor of impeccable style, Vinnie won awards in gay-for-pay and straight-for-rate and all variations of cinematography between.

After an illustrious career spanning a year of sexual art, Vinnie’s meteoric rise in porn ended tragically at the pinnacle of his career during a one-man sexual marathon with porn stars Gauge and Tia Ling competing against all the Men from Anabolic Video

A Review and Discussion

While not an avid reader of historical fiction, The Coronation by Justin Newland surprised me with a diverse blend of history, myth, and spirituality. Beginning 1761, during Russian occupation of East Prussia, a foreign Lieutenant of the Russian army intervenes in a dispute between his superior and Countess Marion von Adler and is stabbed. The story unfolds in a tentative relationship with the Prussians living on Countess Adler’s estate, which becomes a backdrop for a spiritual journey.

Newland weaves history with myth and spirituality, drawing on quotes from the Bible and other sources, which are more than just generalized statements…

Book Review

A Review & Discussion

Lending copies of Book of Five Rings to people across the years resulted in subsequent repurchases of the beloved book. The theft and willingness to repurchase copies speak to the book’s strength, having purchased the sixth, final, unstealable digital eBook. As a martial arts and philosophy enthusiast, I continue to find value in Stephen Kaufman’s interpretation of this book since its discovery in 1996, spurring many recommendations to fellow readers.

Hanshi Kaufman 10th Dan is a martialist, as he discusses in the book, distinguishing the artist and the warrior.

This is a book for “martialists.” Not martial artists. The concept…

Writing Creates the Writer

Striking the mouse and leaving a Facebook fiction writing group evoked sadness and frustration. The recent joining of another writing group to expand connections with writers quickly devolved into yet another journey of the absurd with religious zealots, lunatics, and incompetent writers masquerading as authors. The decision to quit this group resulted from the removal of my post linking an article with no other purpose but to improve writing. Having gone as far as to announce the link provided free access, easily verified with a click, brought astonishment when removed. Surprising more than the link’s removal was the uncontested posting…

How to Improve Writing

Enhancing Articles & Stories (Fiction & Nonfiction)

If you ever read an article or book and felt unable to stop, you experienced the power of mimesis. The more incredible example occurs when reading something you don’t like and finding yourself unable to disengage. Skilled writers understand mimesis, if not consciously, then intuitively wielding this tool to engage audiences. When a writer says, “I can write anything,” she is in most instances referring to the ability to make some dull topic engaging. More accurately, good writers can write about anything and make the topic believable, which is a learnable skill.

What is mimesis?

This question could fill the blackboards of the…

Sex, Gender, & Race Can’t be Cancelled

Contains spoilers!

If Gone With the Wind and Deep Throat had an affair, the limited series Steamy Sandwiches would be the bastard child. Somewhere between drama and comedy, Steamy Sandwiches twists and turns on the race-gender-sexuality roller coaster equivalent of Space Mountain. Is it a story marking the importance of change or a sellout trying to capitalize on outrage culture?

When Vinnie LXIX ages out of the porn industry, he finds himself unemployable and hopeless. Spending his last dollars, Vinnie throws himself into his almost forgotten dream of owning a food truck. …

Vincent V. Triola

Literary fiction, satire, poetry, and screenplay writer.

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