Readers Wanted!

More disappointment for writers.

I’m sending my dark heroine, the Helltorch, to punish Amazon.

Amazon’s new storytelling system, Vella, adds a new dimension to KDP, allowing authors to post stories and interact with readers. The application’s basic formatting, editing, and easy upload features make Vella appealing, especially to writers looking to publish short fiction in a mobile format.

Toxic Literature

Everything that’s wrong with contemporary writing.

Azim, rarely do I reply to articles because comments waste time and serve no purpose since they become lost in the digital ether, but your article concerning writing on Medium warranted discussion. You should not take this discussion personally since most Medium writers deserve the same harshness.

You discuss migration as a “symptom” of the problem then claim there is the hope of gaining an audience by writing two articles weekly. This argument (besides meaningless) is counterintuitive since voluminous writing created the article “how to gain more audience or how I made $3274.41 passive income last month” that caused you…

Vincent V. Triola

Literary fiction, satire, poetry, and screenplay writer. Social Media isn’t real & I don’t talk to ghosts. Come haunt me at

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