The Atheist Boogeyman

“Look at Stalin & Mao; they killed millions!”

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People who call themselves Christian philosophers recklessly use the word “philosopher” and may want to inquire about refunds for degrees granting such a title. Perhaps dumb Christian philosophers consider themselves real philosophers, and their comments about judging atheism make sense the way Wernicke’s sufferers believe they communicate clearly.

Dumb Christian…

Mindless Christians

Not Muslims, not Buddhists, not Jews, not anyone but Christians in the US!

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A mindless Christian today decided to plagiarize my article Limit Contact with Christians by replacing the word “Christian” with “Jew.” This imbecilic attempt at parody or satire clearly shows the mindless Christian lacks an understanding of copyright violation and why playing with semantics doesn’t prove I’m wrong or why Christians…

Christian-Free Living

Reducing interactions with Christians means less possible harm to you.

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Whether you believe in God or not holds less importance than separating yourself from Christianity. Removing Christianity for many people, including myself, is a difficult process made even more arduous by the ever-present Christian pollution that makes this religion appear normal. So pervasive is the philosophic disease that you can…

Women & Christianity

What you don’t know can kill you.

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Christian women never cease to baffle non-Christians with a self-destructive goal of protecting Christianity. The more obvious example of this behavior exhibits in the pro-life defenders, but truly these women are either unaware or brainwashed to disbelieve what they defend. Pro-life vs. pro-choice represents the most public and important aspect…

Willful Ignorance

Ignorant Christians Just Hate Hearing the Truth About Christianity

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Ignorant Christians like leaving comments on articles accusing my criticism of Christianity as angry lies, but any fact check of the Christian Pollution’s articles readily shows this claim’s falseness. Clearly, ignorant Christians are literate enough to understand the article, so why post lies about Christian Pollution?

Because they fear overturning…


Not all Deconstruction & Bias are Bad

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Christian deconstruction can be a confusing term because of the different contextual uses. Broadly, Christian deconstruction refers to the act of a Christian questioning or “deconstructing” beliefs. Some people see this as a movement, while others like myself see deconstruction as either a path to relinquishing Christianity or a way…

Shaming Christian Anti-vaxxers?

COVID Silences Anti-vaxxer, Christian-conspiracy Nuts

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COVID is doing for atheism what generations of rational inquiry and arguing could not: silencing the lunatic Christians. Here is a shortlist of some of those silenced by nature’s miracle.

-Televangelist Marcus Lamb
-Deputy District Attorney Kelly Ernby
-Pastor and talk show host Bob Enyart
-Radio Host Marc Bernier
-Radio talk show host…

Exposing AA & Christianity

AA claims it functions as an alcohol recovery program despite having no methodology.

Photo by Rosie Sun on Unsplash

The pseudo-Christian religion, AA, oddly, does nothing to get people to stop drinking. In fact, AA recommends that people go to AA meetings even if they’re still drinking,

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. Members who are still drinking are encouraged to “keep coming back.”…


Don’t Judge Pedophilia by Pedophiles

Photo by Giorgio Encinas on Unsplash

Yet another dumb Christian article left me shaking my head this morning in self-incrimination for still feeling surprised by the lack of critical thought Christian’s exhibit. Seeing someone hopelessly lost in mindlessness brings no comfort in being correct. Today’s article focused on why people shouldn’t judge Christianity by Christians. This…

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